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Woman Spirited Research

If you are interested in a feminist spirituality, Goddess- oriented perspective, would like to know more about the research and altered states that have informed my journey, or are just curious about what following the energy could possibly mean, I invite you to follow the links and review my publications below. (Please note, all copyright laws apply).


The Resurrection of Magdalene. (A review of Magdalene's biblical role, her role in Gnostic traditions, what influence local goddess traditions could have had on her, and her connections to the Holy Grail and Black Madonnas, 30 pages).

Magdalene Mass. Published in 'She is Everywhere' Anthology, Editor Lucia Birnbaum.  (You could say this is a revisioning of the Catholic mass with Magdalene and the Divine Feminine as primary, available for purchase on



Kali: Fierce Goddess for Our Age, published in Springer Link Reference:

The Goddess Behind the Demon: An Adventure with Kali. Accepted for publication in a Kali Anthology edited by Chandra Alexandre. (A window into the dissertation, 5 pages).

Fierce Shakti/Fierce Love: A Feminist, Heuristic, Transpersonal Encounter with the Hindu Goddess Kali Ma.  250 pages,  available in paperback on

Heart of Kali. A poetic bhakti (devotional) essay published by Goddess Pages:

 Previously published at

and now available here: 


My Day of the Dead . Personal experience making friends with death.

 Previously published at

Cartimandua and Boudicaa. What do these two have to say to women in the 21st century?  Find out here at
Previously published at

and now available here!

The Return of the Yogini. Research based, makes a case for the presence of woman Tantrics as initiators/primary placeholders in the Hindu Tantric tradition, 20 pages. Part 1 previously published at 

Part 2 previously published at

and now available here!

and here 

Venus and Pluto, Priestesses and Power, Journey to New Orleans. Poetic trance writing about my spiritual path in the last ten years, especially focused on altered states of consciousness.  Previously published at

and now available here!


For more of my research/writing published with Goddess Pages UK, go to:

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