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Light Language! 


A few years ago, due to some low-key PR about my new Meditative Tarot offerings, one of my team members from back at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology got in touch from Spain. She who had been interested in writing a book about what all the Angels were up to was now involved in something called Light Language channeling. Just in time for the pandemic (Mother Earth slowing our behinds down!), she offered me a session. And though I had no expectations, I was surprised to find energy moving through my body, and emotions coming up as she brought through sound vibrational attunements from her spirit guides. It was kinda like she was speaking in tongues , but in a non-denominational, non-masculinist way (lol)…

And my body and spirit reacted! I was intrigued. Thus began a regular exchange of spiritual modalities between her and I, all the way across the pond.. Perfect for our pandemic times, yes?  After a few zoom exchanges, she said she was getting the message that I should also do light language. I’m like -what? It seemed perfect for her - with her beautiful, high vibration fairy energy, but for me? I was hesitant, but over time she talked me into it. When I found out I could bring in healing energy from the Fierce Love Goddess herself, Kali Ma, my personal Ishtadevi, I was hooked. After that, I starting connecting with a variety of goddess energies, nature energies, angelic energies... With each light language/light code channeling session I got to trance out and remain conscious at the same time! I could feel the energy of the particular deity or angel coming through, but it was kinda like I stepped aside and just let them flow through me. The tone and cadence of the light language changed though, depending on who it was. And sometimes my body reacted with vibrations of its own. Was I was being altered by light language itself? Maybe. One way or the other, two of my favorite things - ecstatic states of consciousness and heart openings kept occurring, time after time! 

2023 Update: More and more people have been requesting light language in my private sessions, and now, as well as sound vibrational attunements,  spiritual messages in English are coming through! 

Andean  Mystic Medicine Path


Thank you to Puma Fredy Quispe Singona, and the Rainbow lineage of the High Andes for beautiful, powerful, heart opening work with the Goddess and Chakana mesas (personal altars) shared with your global family this past year! I remember starting to cry when I saw the initial video of Puma speaking to us in the open air, surrounded by Apus/Mountain spirits (late 2020). I remember feeling like I was Coming Back Home to the High Andes and the energy of the beautiful Q'ero initiations/karpays/despachos I had experienced with sacred teachers Don Humberto and Dona Bernadina out in the San Francisco Bay area some years ago. This past year, it felt like I was receiving complementary teachings - much of the Andean cosmology underlying my mostly experiential work with the beloved Q'eros.!

This beautiful work with Puma has helped my mind and heart better understand my previous work with them. And it has immeasurably deepened, grounded, centered and expanded it!  Creating sacred medicine bundles/altars out of crystals and special stones, and programming them to connect with Pachamama/Mother Earth, our animal allies, mountain guardian spirits of light, and the beautiful star beings - then learning to direct this highly refined sami energy for personal and planetary healing - goes a long way towards explaining why I was attracted to crystalline rocks as a child. Why also I have a long habit of picking up stones when I visit sacred sites or am moved by the beauty of nature, why I have been gathering crystals for the last 30 years (almost all the smaller ones have gone into my Goddess and Chakana mesa!). Also maybe why I have long been leaving offerings for lakes, rivers, oceans, mountains, and other sacred places in gratitude/ayni/reciprocity, and for their healing. The Q'ero and Rainbow mesa lineages make sense of it all, and provide clear and directed guidance for healing our relationship with Mother Earth, self, community, and global family!  (I have also long felt we needed to shift the hard processes of the monotheistic traditions, and here we  have been learning through love or unconditional love, yes or yes 🙂 )

I bow to these sacred lineages, to Puma, to Pachamama, our crystal animal allies, Apus, Nustas, Three Queens Rising, Rainbow Star Goddesses, Illyas, Pachatata, Sacred Four Directions, Sacred Essences and Elements, Wilka Awkis, Chakana mesa and ley lines!  My heart is full!

Lemurian Initiation


So moved by Matias De Stefano's Initiation series, especially the following episode/transmission!

Love of water, love of crystals, path of the Heart practiced by the Mu people of what we now call Lemuria. (Contrasting to path of Mind practiced by Atlanteans). Hawaii, New Zealand and Easter Island made up their main triangle of influence in the Pacific, says Matias, although they also went to deserts near/along the Ring of Fire to understand the knowledge of the very oldest water. The Mu people came to work with the beautiful blue water vibration on Planet Earth. And they came to help humans understand how to become/merge with spirits of Earth, Water, Air, Fire. So powerful! When it was time to depart they shared their wisdom with the whale people, and went to live in underground cities especially in the Ring of Fire mountain ranges, Matias shares. Their influence lives on in the shamanic traditions around the world....

No wonder I feel such a strong connection to Lemuria, much more so than Atlantis! Though I operate also in intellectual circles - I am much more moved by the path of heart. I grew up on lakes, and have lived by the big water/ocean most of my adult life, including on the Pacific Ocean for 15 years. I have been to Hawaii, Alaska and the western Caribbean - just sitting outside looking at the water (from boat or land) and I am happy.  I also love to be IN the water - and feel a powerful connection to 'cosmic consciousness' when I am underneath the waves snorkeling or scuba diving.. Swimming or even just floating in clear blue/green water.s makes my heart happy :) LET ALONE communing with the dolphins in Monterey Bay, or whales in the San Juan Straights and Auk Bay! For many years, I have been blessing and releasing crystals into the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico to give thanks, and to help heal the waters... And besides the Bhakti (heart) path of the Goddess, I have been studying High Andean lineages that are connected with the path of munay/heart, earth/air/fire/water spirits, and the beings of light inside mountains/Apus for the last 10 years! The influence of the Mu people lives on!

Circle Magic


sitting in a circle, we close our eyes... and follow the tone and follow our breath into center - place of inner guidance, inner wisdom, inner love... visualizing the sparkling energy at our core, we breathe deeply into it, and sending it around the circle, energy rises and a circle of safety is created... silently we focus again on the breath, letting it take us deeper and deeper into meditation... time out of time... we breath into our hearts... calling in beings of greatest love to surround us. goddess love, star being love, angel love, spirit guide love surround us. father sun, mother earth, mother ocean, fairy love, crystal love assist us. the energy raises higher and higher. hearts expanding, tears falling the power of big love rises exponentially... then - the tone chimes again, and we call out into in the center of the circle the vision we wish to see in the world... i see a world in which all beings come back into balance with the earth! i see a world in which the oceans are clear again!... i see a world where the power of love is greater than the power of war! i see a world in which all are honored for the gifts they bring!.... and then.... we connect with all people of open heart in the city.... with people of open heart all across the country... with people of open heart all around the world... with all beings of greatest love... and then - and then... together we send this energy out across the planet! together we send waves of big love winging out around the globe... we breath and we breath and we breath.... back into center... back into our hearts... back into our bodies... we thank the spirits. we ask that all sentient beings benefit from this energy... we open our eyes...

Priestesses and Power


A cultural priestess, channeling prophetic information for the mission of her organization, for her staff, for those she has taken under her wing - and who takes SO much of the burden upon her shoulders she may forget to hold space for other's perspectives, and forget about Self care.

A young wizard woman who wants to open an esoteric school, who has her own spiritual gifts, but has limited organizational and people skills and shoots herself in the foot trying to be top dog, I mean wizard.

A Voudou priestess, who holds powerful public rituals, educating the community and the world about the healing aspects of the Voudou tradition, is respectful, humble and open - but who is 'ridden by the spirit' so much she has maybe aged before her time? And sometimes confuses with ways  she manages boundaries  with her initiates?...

Another Voudou priestess, whose personal Loa and her own financial acumen enable an extremely successful business and high levels of prosperity - who doesn't pay her staff their wages unless she is chased down, and has trouble trusting her employees....

A third priestess who is alchemically and psychicly gifted, manages a successful business - but who is obsequious in front of clients while putting them down behind the scenes. Who throws a hurricane of energy around, and micromanages her staff to the n'th degree...

A witch who is bubbly, full of positive energy and seemingly a good friend - but is she making spiritually questionable deals with daemons? And why does her friendship disappear when one doesn't want to put their doctorate to work for her at minimum wage?

The Priest of the Dead who channels the Ghede Loa and who spits rum while he's being ridden by the Spirit. But is he dead-infected?

It's what I came for. I wanted to learn about women and power, I wanted to meet Priestesses of the African Traditional Religions (and even priests!). But wow. Can I just say that the lesson has been reinforced for like the 50th time? Just because someone is on a spiritual path does NOT mean they have done all their emotional healing work. Spiritual By-Passing is alive and well in New Orleans.

BUT THEN there is the meditation priestess whose energy calms just by entering a room. Who speaks so deeply from the heart center .

  • And two well known priestesses who make me shake when they lay hands on me.
  • The spiritual brother who offers hands-on energy healing to everyone who asks.
  • A cultural priestess who looks and acts like a cultural Queen - and whose shared words generate spiritual power.
  • The priestesses who welcome all to the trance dance that is a Voudou ritual.
  • The Voudou priest so powerful that one can feel it in every drum he touches, every dance he generates and the way his initiate group moves the energy.
  • The Black Indian Chiefs whose beauty, chanting and drumming call down the ancestors in the streets of the city.
  • The Brass Band Musical Priests who call forth the people in neighborhood second-line parades all around...

Oh my, city of New Orleans. City of trauma, city of power. City of beauty, city of pain. City of spiritual paradox, city of polarity!

Possessed by Divinity?


So what do you think happens when you are sitting across from a partner, doing tantric meditation, and after saying 'let go' out loud - thinking it's for him -- you realize it's really you that needs to let go. And all the sudden the energy comes pouring up your spine, and your arms start moving, and your body starts vibrating, and you find yourself hissing like a snake. You find your hand moving up to his heart chakra and tapping it over and over. Then with the heel of your hand you find yourself pushing his forehead back, like you are initiating him, or giving him shaktipat.... How easy is it to let go and let this energy come? Do any fears come up? How safe do you have to feel with your meditation partner to let this happen? How safe do you have to feel with the divine energy you are working with?...How comfortable is a man responding to initiation or shaktipat coming through a woman? Are male tantric adepts, even with many years of practice, aware that in many tantric traditions the initiator is the female?     

Post Election Bardo/Inaugural Dance of Kali



I am feeling overwhelmed and drawn into his game of fear. I am wondering how we stay focused on LOVE trumps hate without giving so much attention to the hate part of the equation? How do we stay alert but not feed into the fear that continues to be generated? How do we stay grounded and focused, take action as we are called, but avoid getting permanently drawn in to the dance of anger?

I believe that NOW is the time to hold steady to OUR world vision, to lift each other up (and all the beautiful actions being taken - protests, sanctuary cities, vets apologizing - YES!), and to stay connected to our inner wisdom. This is the time to stay heart centered. Have our emotions, dance our anger, yes - and then come back to the heart. Stay centered in the heart. Love ourselves and love each other, ask our Guides and Angels to Love on us, and somehow love this moment we find ourselves in. This is the challenge teachers from the high Andes gave us if we want to move into 5th dimensional consciousness. That time is now, and this scary and messy moment - to call LOVE into this moment - this is what we came for!


Kali comes when the demons of greed, war and oppression are out of control on the planet. When neither the male gods, nor the fighting calm of her sister warrior goddess Durga are enough, a force of anger so huge arises that out of it Ma Kali appears and slays ALL the bleedin' demons. Women, might it be time to bow to the primal power, call forth our inner Kali and dance patriarchy into the ground once and for all?

I bow to the primal power.

I bow to the all encompassing power and energy.

I bow to that through which Goddess creates.

I bow to that through which Goddess destroys.

I bow to the Power of the Divine Mother.

Call to Power


Now what about the beautiful Call to Power: Grandmothers Speak by Sharon McErlane? This story  really opened  up my heart center!  As the main character was initiated on the spiritual plane by the Great Council of Grandmothers, I felt moved to enter the same energy meditatively, and felt the call to trust the divine form of the grandmothers. Many things touched me – that so many of us have had no role models for women claiming their power in past generations. That the grandmothers are here to help us with rebalancing this yin energy. That we don’t have to do the work alone –that we should come to them often and they will fill us up. That being filled full abolishes all sense of separation from Source. They tell us “we do the giving – let us give through you. This type of giving will bring you pleasure – you will feel our presence and love pouring through you. In this way, the work should be effortless… Meditate on the web of light that holds all of you doing this work together…"

"We dance together in an interweaving motion – what seems wrong bears within it the seeds of light… Your work is not separate from planetary work. Stuck states must be moved, karma must be burned, that is all… pain occurs where new energy meets old…the old is cracking off… Yin and yang shape each other by moving against each other, each one pushing in its’ natural flow against the other.The flow must move from aggression now, back to nurturance and comfort of the Mother. We can no longer afford the delusion that we are separate from god. 

"As we begin to relate to the divine in this way, we help save the planet. Much anxiety and depression come from being cut off from the body, from the earth for too long. Claim the earth, call on her. She wants her own back… The fear of emptiness of being nothing, makes for a tight holding on… it is time to reorient to yin being rather than yang doing. When the great emptiness is not feared, it becomes the great fullness… Let each expand into the indigo blue night sky – be enfolded in the color, feel the starlight…"

" Remember the natural ebb and flow from action to rest. Remember the natural rest period in life! Allow the yin energy to fill you, and being will be enough. When woman fills with the energy of yin, she will be a more effective leader in the world. Observe your nature then follow it. When you have a strong feeling, both emotionally and in your bodies, follow that…. There is great power building now. As you come awake, remember, the earth is your friend, your ally. Allow yourself to dance. Trust the grace within you. This is not a hostile world – harmony underlies the excess of yang energy. Trust in the underlying harmony and do not fear. Remember how much you are loved. Turn to us, call on us. Let our love pour through you. Dance with life and it will dance with you…May everyone in all the worlds be happy… may the blessing of self radiate out to all beings... "

Meditating with Wisdom Goddesses


lalita ma - playful goddess of ecstatic liberation - i see your red energy merge into me - i feel your eyes watching me, adoring me... durga ma - the warrior goddess, calm and certain in battle - i visualize you behind me, breathing out into your heart, breathing you back into mine. what a shift in the ground of being to feel your protection 'at my back'... bhuvenashwari, the goddess who holds all the worlds within you - what a relief as you bridge the gap between my world and another's, as you help me understand how all worlds, even those of the oppressors, dissolve back into you... and kali ma, my ishtadevi (personal goddess), who we visualize coming out of the dark starry night behind the full moon, shining in starlight, blacklight, silverlight, with your wild hair, red tongue and necklace of skulls coming to absorb/cut away that which no longer serves.... then lakshmi ma, doe eyed and beautiful - the shining one, the one who brings abundance - seeing you as golden light, with gold shimmering from your hands - we breathed your light into our pores... sarasvati ma - goddess of wisdom, goddess of flow, riding your swan and playing your sitara with your wisdom eyes half closed in musical ecstasy - feeling white light pour from your 3rd eye to mine - bang! sally kempton and her wisdom goddess meditations will open your heart and shift your energy! jai mahavidya maa~! 

Finding my (Water ) Way


went out to lake ponchartrain, and suddenly i knew that the blue agate crystal needed to go into the lake.  the one i had been waiting to give away throughout my cross country journey had found it's home here in nola.   sent prayers and heart energy into the crystal, for healing of the lake and gulf waters, threw it into the water, and... looked up to see a buffalo soldier in the cloud formations - native american pose, african american face, and after a while, an indigenous woman's face looking down at me from the clouds.  did they approve my offering?

at  the real voudou festival - listening to the priestesses and priests speak about the west african traditions, feeling the energy rise at a hurricane banishing ritual, walking through the french quarter and feeling like i could be back in time... all the witchy ghosts and ghouly halloween decorations on the balconies.... saluting the ancestors of new orleans as i drive by the many cities of the dead (above-ground cemeteries)... having dreams of river initiations, and feeling the call of the mighty, muddy mississippi...

then a road trip east to the green salt sea, jumping, falling and diving into the clear green water, heart expanding with green sea love. watching the little fish swimming around me, diving under the breakers, absorbing the ocean energy.... white sand, green gulf, dolphins playing and manatee nosing around, spotted eagle ray swimming under the bridge, pelican that came and sat next to me, turning his head right, then straight, then left and back again... what was she looking for? has she found it?

Tantric Dance


so much energy, so much power my body is shaking when i stand up to dance in front of the other women in the group. we are asked to move sensually, almost in slow motion, but i want to just cut loose, let the energy go wherever it wants... why not? why not let kundalini ma have her way with me? i don't understand why the facilitator calls me to source the energy in my womb... so hard, so hard to bring it down.... but the second time in front of the group, i do. i keep going back to the womb, grounding in the womb, opening my heart and third eye, connecting the energy... my prayer to the serpent mother, my offering to Her who moves me... as i finally surrender to the energy in my third eye - with power coursing through my veins - my fingers move into mudras of their own accord, i bare my teeth and start hissing like a snake... Jai Ma, Serpent Mother Kundalini Maa!



early saturday morning in new orleans. walking to congo square - we hear the drums calling up the ancestors... the ones who sang and danced here every sunday during slave times (and birthed something new)... will they help us with the ritual today?

everyone in white, sun beating down... we gather to send love and healing to the ones who died in the middle passage - the ones who jumped overboard and the ones who perished in the hold - and the ones who somehow survived and made it possible for many to be here today...ashe welcomes us, calling us altogether... the children dance their prayers, the singer calls the orishas to bless the ritual... multi-faith we are - christian voices rising in solidarity, buddhists chanting their support, muslims calling a benediction down from allah... and then the drums start again, and the haitians move in circle, dancing their trance, calling down the spirits to guide and bless the ones who suffered so... the witness trees are honored, the wandering souls are danced and drummed into healing... the loa come and ride the waves of energy... then the indian chief speaks his native tongue - calling the four directions, blessing all our relations - reminding us of the days when the natives took in the africans fleeing the whip, and the healing power of the trees who witnessed all.... call and response - all our voices raised together to heal and love the ones who withstood so much....

we follow the drums out of congo square to the tomb of the unknown slave, where chains cross and manacles rust with the blood of so many... we walk in the treme, we walk in the french quarter, we walk and we walk and we walk in remembrance and healing for the ancestors of new orleans....

New Orleans Heart


drums, two trumpets and a tuba, rhythms so good, the crowd gets bigger and bigger and we take over canal and bourbon, dancing the electric slide in the street...thunder and lightning don't matter, we just keep on dancing... the joy theater sign accompanies us as we walk to marie laveau's final resting place. a city for the dead... xxx's all over the walls of her tomb... is she still there? or is that her palpable presence at the voodoo shop altar we visit? a beautiful dark woman with neon blue eyes at the grave talks with us - is it the energy from the other side coming through?... spanish architecture in the french quarter, art and music on every corner. colorful creole cottages and shotgun houses discovered on long hot walks through the trolleys taking us through the arched canopy of live oaks with those big 200 year old pillared houses on both sides...the city delights with beauty around every corner... the mississipi winds its way around us, cooling the heat coming from every pore as we walk, ride, dance, eat.... gumbo, etoufee, po-boys, crawfish, fried chicken, red beans and rice and lima bean dishes that melt in your mouth - the best food in the country... wide open waters of ponchartrain, the green waters of the bayou, standing trees and alligators' beady eyes staring back as you shrink away from their nearness... dragonflies making it safe for human skin as they dine on the mosquitos... tall cypress trees 700 years old with that mystical spanish moss hanging down... cajun camps on the bayou, mardi gras indians in their stunning beaded presence, african americans, from trini and new york, west africa and haiti grounded in traditions hundreds of years old - all healing, rebuilding and reenergizing the city...the creative heart of the country... there are no strangers here...

Magdalene Mysteries


magdalena maa - are you the one that was companion of yeshua, the one he kissed on the lips as the gnostic gospels describe? was it true you were trained in the ancient goddess traditions that surrounded the hebrews in canaan? were you the one that initiated christ with your menstrual blood into the sacred sexual path? magdalena maa - did you annoint him with oil, as the sacred kings were once annointed by the temple priestess? did you stand with him through his suffering and dying, holding the ground of being with the other women at the foot of the cross?

first one at the tomb, did you help re-member him, as isis with osiris - and help him rise again magdalena maa? did you flee with the 'holy grail' to the south of france - bringing the daughter, the dark one, sara-la-kali - and there continue his bloodline? are you - pictured naked with only your long hair as garmet and skulls at your side - really the link to the dark mother - the one who calls to us in the black madonnas all over europe? magdalena maa - tantric yogini, priestess of easter mysteries - today we honor YOU!....

Drawing Down the Goddess


I had been with them two other times, and had been working with Ma Kali as my inner guru since 2000, but Amma and Swami didn't know that (or did they? :)) ...The vibrations began when Amma started chanting the first night, and when Swami touched my forehead. Then the next day, as we chanted to raise the energy for Goddess to come into the yantra, my involuntary bodily vibrations increased - exponentially. As I watched Amma channeling the goddess, my own kundalini energies were further triggered... I tried to hold 'beginner's mind' as I contemplated what might happen next....As I stepped into the yantra I felt a sort of emotional force-field - my heart opened - and as I prostrated myself to Ma in the center, I went into surrender. When I felt Amma touch my forehead, for a second there was nothing... and then... and then... my body was electrified, my arms started moving of their own accord, my head started shaking, and sounds started coming out of my mouth. The Goddess was moving through me! Jai Maa - Pratyangira Ma, Kali Ma, Amma Adi Shakti, Swami - All in service to the Mother!

Shamanic Shaktipat?


i was surprised at the tantric elements of the peruvian q'ero shamanic retreat i attended recently. first clue was the crystal skull present in the opening ritual. another clue came during the despacho ceremony. first we breathed our intention into plant leaves, then spoke them out loud to the master shamans, then watched as they placed the leaves and flowers in circular form in order to integrate all the groups' prayers and intentions. red flowers on one side, and white flowers on the other [similar to colors associated with the masculine and feminine in tantric practicies]. all at once i realized what i was looking at: a tantric flower/leaf mandala! another clue were my energetic reactions to the limpias (energetic clearing), and my intense emotional reaction to the initiations we received. when the shaman blew into my head, and then into my hands, my body started vibrating, and my heart was overflowing - there i was with tears streaming down my face. and just in case i had any doubts, a few weeks later i had a dream in which the female and male master shamans appeared together, demonstrating tantric sacred sexual practices... i have always had a strong resonance with the research that indicates tantric practices in india originally came from the matriarchal shamanic tribes, and now i have direct experience of the links between these two traditions!

Good Mood Inland Passage


off to alaska again on that magic ship - the ship that seemed to remember me :) sun peeking through the fog on the way up, mountains welcoming us on both sides as we come into victoria...after sampling local art, saying hi to mount baker, and watching ravens chasing a bald eagle across the sky -- the ship heads out again into the mystic, setting sun over rising fog bank.... wind whipping across deck, alone at the front of the ship, i spread my arms in a kate winslet move and offered myself to the sea...

light playing over the water, shadows dancing on the waves... whales spouting off both sides of the ship... soon we are back in juneau, and the beautiful blue glacier, humpback whales tale slapping - baby whales showing us their faces, orcas in a pod swimming all around us. bald eagles on the shore hanging out. the wind whipping on the back of the boat, i stare at the snow capped mountains and whisper: i'm back!

next day glass-smooth light green tinted glacier bay... rounded tree topped mountains with moving brown bear dots :) the sun is out - again! and vista after vista of stunning white/ brown/green earth beauty lays itself out in front of us... glaciers curving down the mountain, glacier ridges, glaciers calving... mountain spirit faces in the patterned snow - twin peak glaciers that stun in their majesty.... white humpback whales breaching over and over again as we glide out of the bay. jumping for joy later that night, this time their dark side showing... pink sunset over the mountains/moon rise in the still blue sky... waking dream of totem poles standing in the sea -- the ancient real time/current spiritual center of the native people...

next a small town with a dramatic mountain/harbor backdrop filled with white houses, mystical masks and good mood shamanic artists making aurora goddesses and whimsical totems: haines. as we pull out i stare up at the mountains on both sides dwarfing the ship and see another whale tail :) ... leaving the snow topped northern peaks behind, we are soon back in the seldom sunny creek-street town of ketchikan - salmon still spawning in the creek, beautiful fur-doll spirits in the streets. the energy of the ancient totem poles blows my mind once again.... as we pull out of the final small town tucked between mountain and sea, i watch the sun dancing on the water over/around/beyond the endless islands of the good- mood shamanic inland passage, and feel complete.....

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